How to Manifest Money: 3 Secrets to Effortless Abundance

How to Manifest MoneyEven if you've known about the law of attraction for some time, you may still feel confused about how to manifest money. After all, money doesn't grow on trees - or so we've been told! :-)

Believe it or not, manifesting money is no different than manifesting anything else you want. If you know how the law of attraction works, then you know you've got to stay focused on the things you want, avoid focusing on things you DON'T want, and stay in a positive state of mind the majority of the time.

However, money is a heavy emotional subject for many people, and that emotional baggage can often interfere with a strong desire to manifest more money. In fact, you may be thinking right now that you've BEEN focusing on having more money, and it hasn't shown up.

There are 3 other vital pieces to the puzzle that you may be missing:

1) To manifest money, you must FEEL as if you have plenty of money.

The truth is, "focusing on money" isn't enough to manifest it, simply because when most people say they've been focusing on money, what they really mean is that they've been focusing on NOT HAVING ENOUGH MONEY. They feel frustrated, stressed, anxious, and they desperately want more money, but they can't help but focus on the theme of "not enough" because that's what they are experiencing.

For now, let's set aside the "focusing" aspect and instead think about FEELING. How do you feel when you have plenty of money? Uplifted, empowered, happy, excited, free? If you don't have enough money right now, that's probably not how you're feeling, right? Instead you probably feel hopeless, weighed down, annoyed, and anxious.

To manifest money, you need to start FEELING like you would if you had plenty of money. Those very feelings will start drawing more money into your life!

How do you do that? One good way is to pretend you do have plenty of money. Sit quietly and think about a specific sum of money that would make you feel good if you had it right now. Picture it being in your bank account, and really put your heart into pretending that you DO have that sum of money right now. Think about the ways this extra money would make your life easier, and within a few minutes you should start to feel lighter and happier. Stay with these feelings for as long as you can, and you will start allowing more money to flow to you.

You'll have to repeat the exercise daily to shift your dominant vibration about money, but before you know it results will start showing up.

2) To manifest money, you must BELIEVE you deserve plenty of money.

Another crucial aspect of manifesting money is to believe with all of your heart that you deserve to have more money. Logically you may know that you deserve it, but what about emotionally? How do you FEEL inside about your worthiness? If you don't really feel like you deserve it, or if any feelings of guilt or discomfort come up when you think about having more money, there's a good chance you are blocking it.

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So, how do you clear this blockage? One good way is to start affirming multiple times a day with strong feeling: "I deserve to be happy, healthy, and wealthy." The key is the FEELING part - you have to say it like you really mean it; like it's a very powerful BELIEF that cannot be shaken.

At first you probably won't feel like it's true, but the more you say it, the more strongly you will come to believe it! And the more strongly you come to believe it, the more your outer circumstances will start transforming to match your inner belief. Again, it won't happen instantly but you can make phenomenal progress over a few weeks to a month if you're consistent.

3) To manifest money, you must KNOW that your thoughts create your reality.

Last but not least, you need to KNOW, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that your thoughts create your reality. Why is this important? Because you won't put your full effort into changing your thoughts and feelings if you don't acknowledge how truly powerful they are! Some part of you will continue to blame others for your circumstances, rather than taking full responsibility for your present and future happiness.

If you really, truly KNEW that your thoughts control your reality, how committed would you be to staying focused all day, every day? Give this some thought and you may realize that you haven't been controlling your thoughts as much as you could be! Don't beat yourself up over this - see it as an opportunity to start doing better and better from this moment on.

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